LDL and Kögel present world premiere at SOLUTRANS

By Market News

Kögel Trailer GmbH&Co. KG, a leading European trailer manufacturer, has presented at SOLUTRANS fair in Lyon, France, in cooperation with LDL Technology SAS a unique and patented new technology:

The automatic tyre detection system allows an automatic learning process of the correct TPMS position, without hand tool or manual learning process. Thus offering fleet customers to economize time and money and more flexibility by using any workshop (whether it is equipped with a hand tool, or not) they want to swap their tyres.

LDL Technology and ffly4u Announce Comprehensive Asset-Tracking System for Supply Chain across Europe

By Market News

LDL Technology and ffly4u, the European leader in Internet of Things (IoT) tracking solutions for mobile, reusable and non-powered assets at industrial and construction sites have announced a comprehensive, real-time asset-tracking system for the entire supply chain.

Called “Route Tracking”, the joint solution provides non-stop asset tracking along the entire supply chain, from production facilities and warehouses to delivery to clients’ sites. In addition to constant tracking of the location of containers and their contents, the sensor-driven, IoT-connected system monitors temperature, humidity and any shocks throughout the journey from production to final delivery.

The partnership leverages ffly4u’s proven asset-tracking and cost-controlling system, including transmitters, for containers and their contents during shipment with LDL Technology’s telematics system that is embedded in boxes in transport vehicles. Their solution allows manufacturers, carriers and end customers to know at every moment where the merchandise is and its condition anywhere in Europe. In addition, the asset-tracking system eliminates the need for additional costs to equip trailers with tracking equipment.

Philippe Lefaure, president of LDL Technology, said: “This collaboration with ffly4u offers industrials new perspectives for their asset-tracking and management. As soon as merchandise leaves the warehouse, anyone along the supply chain with access to the system can see a full range of data about the merchandise’s condition, which is sent to the Cloud to be analysed. ‘Route Tracking’ also provides alerts, and updates information on the real-time localization of assets during transport.”

ffly4u CEO Olivier Pagès said: “Companies have high expectations for asset-tracking in real time. The ‘Route Tracking’ solution meets and exceeds those expectations by combining innovative technologies from ffly4u and LDL Technology. It helps create value for companies and their clients with a continuous monitoring of the whole supply chain. It also enables carriers to create new services that can be monetised by their shipper clients. Thus, the trailer on the road becomes an asset-tracking tool for the benefit of all players of the ecosystem.”

Marketed by ffly4u, the new system will be available in Q1 2018, targeting multiple industries, such as aerospace, automotive, chemistry, construction, food, pharmaceuticals, retail and hospitals.

For further information concerning ffly4u:  https://ffly4u.com/