Space mission approved SAFT batteries used in LDL’s telematics box

By Market News

LDL Technology has sourced leading battery manufacturer SAFT to provide a state of the art rechargeable battery for its TCU 1.2 telematics box. The same kind of li-ion battery will be used on the ExoMars Rover vehicle scheduled for 2018 by European Space Agency (ESA).

A key advantage of theses Li-ion cells is their compact, lightweight design and their high performance in demanding operation conditions, even when subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature from -40 ° to +85°C.

Link to SAFT batteries corporate webpage:

German court decision: truck owner liable for damages after tire bursts

By Market News

A lot of breakdowns and accidents could be avoided by using TPMS on all trucks and trailers.


According to the district court of the city of Arnsberg, Germany, a truck owner has to pay 100% of the damages caused to other vehicles by loose parts lying on the highway after a tire burst. The defendent has argued before that he could only be partly responsable because following drivers could have seen the parts lying on the street. The court disagreed with this.

Link to court decision (in German language only)