Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Our real time Original Equipment direct tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) warns against sudden loss of pressure and protects the driver from annoying breakdowns or even serious accidents due to defective tires.

TPMS continuously monitors the correct inflation of the tires. It provides an alert to dangerous low-pressure situations, adding greater safety for the driver and passengers. Properly inflated tires provide better stability, handling and braking.

Moreover, TPMS has the added benefit of increasing productivity and saving money. Properly inflated tires last longer and help to save fuel. They also extend the life of the tire treads which save costly roadside repairs and down time.

We offer a range of different sensors for motorcycles, passengers cars, trucks and OTRs: each sensor is specially developed and designed for the unique requirements of the different applications.

The self-powered sensors measure the pressure and the temperature inside the wheel and transfer information to the Receiver Control Unit (RCU) using wireless communication. The information is then processed by a specific algorithm and displayed on the original dashboard via CAN bus communication. In contrast to external valve mounted pressure sensors, which cannot measure the temperature within the wheel, all LDL Technology’s systems are able to signal pressure fault detections which are temperature compensated.

LDL technology is able to support TPMS functionality across all vehicle lines (ECE, R64 & FMVSS NHTSA compliance). We provide a full range of TPM system architectures based on a minimum number of common system components for Original Equipment Manufacturer but also for After Market & Racing through our brand    TIRE WATCH