Trucks, Buses & Trailers
LDL Technology offers its business customers a wide range of sensor solutions tailor made to your needs: Tire pressure monitoring solutions with sensors specially  developed for the unique challenges of this market.

Further expansion of our technology yields a wireless sensor network consisting of temperature, reefer, vehicle identification, fuel gauge or door detection sensors. The information generated by these sensors can be transmitted to the OEM’s display, to a display provided by LDL Technology or to the driver’s mobile phone via  Bluetooth Smart®.

In addition to this collected data, EBS and FMS standard interfaces can be sent by LDL’s telematics unit to a back office of the customer’s choice thus enabling fleet managers to not only control the standard telematics parameters such as location, speed etc. but also to control the tire pressure in real time. As the telematics hardware box, which is mounted on the chassis, also acts as a receiver unit for all wireless sensors, no further antennas or receiver boxes are needed: a cost-effective and convenient solution.